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ExIS Engineering is an active competitor in the mining industry. We can deliver almost any product to suit both your flameproof and non-flameproof mining requirements.

We value our customers and do our best to meet their specific requirements and demands.

We supply products and deliver services of the highest quality and of the latest technology and design.

We supply equipment for both underground and surface hazardous environments and are constantly expanding our product range to meet market demands.

With our suppliers and their competent internal sales division, we ensure that customer requirements are understood and translated to the final product.

Specialising in the supply of custom flameproof, non-flameproof, mine spec. machines, I.S. equipment and diesel equipment.


-Mark Scheme SANS 60079-0/1/11/19

-Mark Scheme SANS 868 (Diesel Systems)



We have 5 flameproof and 3 diesel qualified inspectors, this includes our Management and sales reps.

Giving flameproof advice in house and on the road.

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